About Us

264 Somerset Bridlewood Scout Group

We are located in South-West Calgary, providing service to the communities of Somerset, Bridlewood, Silverado, Yorkville and Belmont. Since 2008, our Group has grown to include programs for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers. Our sponsor is the Rotary Club of Calgary Chinook.

The 264 Somerset Bridlewood Scout Group is part of the Southern Trails West Area in the Chinook Council of Scouts Canada.

What do Scouts Do, and why should we Join?

As a parent, you may have come to this site wondering what scouts is all about, and why your child would benefit from their time in the worldwide scouting movement. Well, if you want information about all the 'big' ideals of scouts, and why it's a great national and international organization, please visit the Scouts Canada website.

All the sections (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, etc) partake in Camps. The beavers do at least one camp per year, the cubs at least two, and the scouts at least three. Most people associate Scouts with camping, and we definitely do that, but in addition to camping and the outdoors, here are some of the other fun activities our groups have done:


  • Royal Tyrrell Museum Sleepover

  • Pizza party at Tom's House of Pizza (Kids make their own pizzas)

  • The Calgary Zoo Sleepover

  • Calgary Police Interpretive Centre (and a ride on the C-Train)

  • Swimming Night

  • Sledding

  • Visiting the Corn Maze

  • Beaver Buggies

  • Heritage Park Ghouls Night Out

  • Movie night sleepover - Without the parents!!

  • 2-3 camps per year (2 nights)


  • Laser Tag

  • Soap Box Derby (ride downhill in a soapbox vehicle)

  • Cub Cars (little wooden cars built by the cubs, and raced on a track)

  • Sledding

  • Geo-caching / Nature Hikes

  • Rollerblading

  • The Rothney Observatory

  • Swimming

  • Building Cub Boxes

  • Movie Night - pizza party

  • Community service (TD Shoreline cleanup)

  • 3-4 camps per year (2 nights)


  • Camping, Camping, and more camping, yes in the Winter too

  • Laser Tag

  • Scout Trucks (like cub cars, except 18 wheels!)

  • Pacific Jamboree (National Scout gathering in BC - 2011, 2015, 2019)

  • Canadian Jamboree (National Scout gathering at Camp Woods Alberta 2013, Camp Nadooae Nova Scotia 2017)

  • Mountain Bike Hike / Camp

  • Swimming

  • Orienteering (compass and map work)

  • Pioneering (building structures with poles and rope)

  • Community Service (working with Rotary Club)

  • 6-8 camps per year (2 or more nights)

Venturer Scouts:

  • Glacier National Park Expedition - 2016

  • West Coast Trail Expedition - 2018

  • Linking with Foothills MedVent program

  • Offers of Service (program support) for Pacific Jamboree and Canadian Jamboree

Inclusivity Statement

264 Scout Group is passionate about inclusivity. We believe that everyone should be accepted and respected for who they are and what they believe in. The inclusive group designation would mean that we could become more welcoming to Scouts and alumni. This would allow us to even further create and represent an accepting and positive environment to grow. We are proud to set an example for other Scouting groups. We see this as reinforcing Scouts Canada’s values, where anyone - regardless of cultural and social status - can come together under one organization and build community. 264th Somerset-Bridlewood is a safe haven and a positive role model.

Inclusion is about acceptance

Scouting is for everyone. It is a safe place to be yourself and feel accepted.

Inclusion is about freedom

We must be unapologetically ourselves and give others the freedom to be as well.

Inclusion is about community

Scouting is very family and community oriented. We must be seen as welcoming, not hidden away or exclusive.

Inclusion is about alliance

We must stand together to protect and support those who are marginalized or picked on.

Inclusion is about diversity

As a group, we are all welcoming and diverse. Our membership comes from all walks of life, faith, race, orientation, social and economic status.

Inclusion is about respect

This means being respected for having alternate viewpoints and standing up for what you believe in. And doing this in an honest and respectful way. We understand that respect is a two-way street and we must display respect if we want it in return.