Why do we fundraise?

A large amount of the funding that is required to operate our group is raised through fundraising. Our major fundraisers for the 264th Group are Scout Popcorn and Bottle Drives while other Scouts Canada-wide fundraisers are Scout Coffee and Scout Seeds. There may be section-specific fundraisers from time to time to help with the costs of sending youth to larger events such as Jamborees. Fundraisers allow us to purchase the gear we need for our program and reduce the costs of camps, sleepovers and outings. Typically, the amounts collected per youth as fees for these events are less than 50% of the actual cost. Your participation in our fundraisers helps to raise as much as possible to continue running our programs.

For details on our current fundraisers, please refer to our Facebook page:

For any fundraising related questions, please send us an email:

National Scouts Canada Fundraisers

Scout Popcorn

This is our biggest fundraiser and is from a new Canadian supplier in 2021. There are 3 ways to order through us:

  • Direct from youth – Youth usually will be coming door to door, or maybe you know one of our youth. They can take your order and payment and then come back to deliver your popcorn in early December.

  • Online orders – Between October 1 and November 30, 2021, you can order from When checking out, please don't forget to select “264th Somerset-Bridlewood Scout Group” to support our group.

  • Order direct from our group – Ordering direct from us allows you to save the shipping cost. Orders are due by November 4, 2021, to ensure we get our bulk order and have time to distribute it before mid-December. Email for a product list, or to order.

Scout Coffee

Starting October 15, 2021, you will be able to order coffee year-round and help support our group at When checking out, please don't forget to select “264th Somerset-Bridlewood Scout Group” to support our group.

Scout Seeds

Each year in February and March you can order seeds through When checking out, please don't forget to select “264th Somerset-Bridlewood Scout Group” to support our group.

Bottle Drives

Three (3) bottle drives annually in our service area (Somerset, Bridlewood, Silverado, Yorkville and Belmont) – usually in September, January and May/June

  • 2021-22 tentative Bottle drive dates:

        • September 25, 2021

        • January 15, 2022

        • June 18, 2022

Alternatively, if you want to support our group but don’t want to wait for a bottle drive date, you can donate your bottles through Skip the Depot:

A third option is to turn in your bottle drive items yourself and donate the resulting funds to the group. This can be done by electronic funds transfer to:

Event Specific Fundraisers

Bigger events like Jamborees (camps that are usually a week or more long and often in other provinces or countries) have a bigger cost associated with them, so youth do additional fundraising to help offset the cost.

Currently, our group is planning a trip to a Jamboree in Denmark in 2022. We are doing lots of fundraising to help pay for this trip, such as:

  • Canada Safety Supplies

  • Mabel's Labels

  • Rebel Bean Coffee

  • PrePak Meats

  • Simple Simon Pies

  • Purdy's Chocolates

  • Chapters

  • In-Dey-Go

  • Spolumbo Sausages

  • Coco Brooks Pizza/Cookie Dough

Check out this Facebook post on our latest event in support of the trip to Denmark: